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Healthy Cleaning Tips

Man cleaning baseboards with a cloth.

Chemical-Based Cleaners

If you must use a chemical based cleaner pick one and stick with it. Check your cupboards and see how many different types of cleaners you have in stock. Save some money and choose just one. Remember these chemical cleaners are poisonous to our children and pets, so limit their use.

Borax is listed on many environmental sites, but only because it comes from the earth naturally, that is why it is listed. Borax is very poisonous, therefore if children or pets are present I would not stock it.

A Natural Alternative: Vinegar

Use vinegar or a drop or two of dish soap to clean windows. Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning and you do not need to use chemicals most of the time. Vinegar is a good grease cutter. Luke warm water in a bucket with vinegar works great on floors. Vinegar in the toilet. Vinegar as a room freshener. Just boil some on the stove or in the microwave to loosen splattered on mess and make your microwave smell great.

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